Monday, June 16, 2008

End the Flooding

I've been watching the news footage of the floods in Iowa and Wisconsin. There is talk now that soon the states and cities further south will share the same fate. It's made me wonder if there is something that could be done to prevent this problem.

Iowa and Wisconsin are under water while California is burning because of a draught, I think Florida has the same problem. I know this is an expensive idea, but why not build a series of tunnels, like a pipeline from the flood prone rivers. These tunnels could go underground to the areas of the country prone to draughts and/or wildfires. There could be a series of gates, similar to the locks used to equalize the water level, that could be opened whenever a particular area gets too much rain. This extra water could then be funneled to a drier part of the country. These tunnels could also be used to irrigate farms or even the desert to open up more farmland to ease food shortages. Just think of the jobs that would be created in the construction and agriculture industries.

I know this would be a very expensive project, but would it be more expensive than the payouts from the various insurance companies and the resultant increase in rates for everyone. It just might mean that there would fewer lost lives, lost livelihoods and memories.

Maybe I should send this idea to my favorite presidential candidate.

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