Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last week when I visited my cousin we went to a local antique shop "just to look" I'm not into antiques, but I do love stained glass. I had two beautiful old stained glass windows in Woodhaven and I miss them. I saw this lamp and fell in love. I know it's not Tiffany, but I simply had to have to have it. My cousin asked if I had a place for it, of course I said yes. I have a fiber optics lamp that had stopped working so I decided to put the new lamp there. The other day I saw that the fiber optics lamp had started working so I had to find another place for my new lamp. I couldn't think of a single place where it would fit.

Then I thought about my entry, which I felt had been bare lately. Yesterday I went out looking for a small table or chest. I saw a drop leaf table (unfinished), but couldn't get any sales help, so I left the store. At the next store I saw a TV stand with a shelf and two small compartments with doors where I could hide "stuff". So I decided to buy it.

Unfortunately, as is standard procedure with most reasonably priced furniture these days, it had to be assembled. Worse, I had to get it off the store's shelf, into my car, then into the house so I could put it together. I've assembled furniture several times (and vowed never to do it again), but I have the routine down pat. The box was so heavy that workers were warned not to pick it up alone, but as a team. They did not warn the customers.

Here's hint for moving heavy furniture or boxes. If you have hardwood or tile floors, put the box on a blanket or sheet and pull it to the desired spot. Once you have the furniture together, you can pull it to the desired spot in the house. One time, I had to assemble three six foot bookcases and used the blanket system andf pulled the bookcases up to the wall and lifted the blanket to lift the bookcase. But I digress.

I only made one mistake, and it's a very minor. The back of the unit is simple cardboard and I attached it upside down. Since I don't expect to put anything heavy on this unit, it won't matter. Here's the finished product.

The most surprising thing about this whole project is that I didn't get any help. Except for a little fight about the blanket, the cats stayed away from me the whole time. Neither of them even tried to settle into one of the little sections. And I didn't even break a nail or ruin my manicure.

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