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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Cats

It was a beautiful Spring day yesterday so I opened some windows. There were three windows open on the same side of the house, all having the same view of the road. Here is the story of two cats.

Burnie was happily getting some fresh air while watching the world go by when Crash decided that he should not be so happy. She wanted to look out the window.
She kept trying to see what was so interesting to Burnie, so she got up on her hind legs to peer out the window.
He took umbrage at that and they sat and stared at each other for a short time. Crash was ready to fight. Her paw was in striking position and she was ready to pounce.
Evidently she thought better of it and gave up the fight.
Crash and Burn live happily ever after!

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