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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Our Singles Group is planning a pot luck dinner for our next meeting. This weekend I decided that I would make my stir fried chicken and peppers. Unfortunately I never told the president so my sister-in-law decided to make the same thing. That meant I had to change my plans, because my recipe is better and I didn't want to outshine her (humble person that I am).

I was assigned a potato dish. Since I don't usually eat potatoes I'm now going to go through all 200 of my cookbooks for a suggestion. We only have a microwave in the Clubhouse kitchen so I have to either keep the dish very hot, or make something microwave friendly.

Any suggestions?

1 comment:

ms/sss said...

Make a German Potato Salad. Mmm Mmmm good! And it can be served hot or cold. I can just taste that sweet sour dressing and the delicious bacon. Gosh, I'm hungry!