Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cat Intuition

Several years ago I had a cat that I felt wasn't too bright. She did have her moments of intelligence or intuition though. One time, my son had been away for a weekend and we expected him home at any time. Midnight, the cat, had been upstairs when she suddenly came running down. About five minutes later, I heard a car door slam and then my son walked in the door. Midnight must have sensed that he was nearby and wanted to greet him at the door.

Today I had a similar experience with Crash. I was expecting a package, but had to go out shopping. When I got home I came in through the garage and put all my groceries away. Then I went to the front of the house. Crash was sitting in the entry, just staring at the door. She didn't move when I called her name, so I decided to open the door and see what was outside. There was my package between the storm door and the inside door. Was she trying to tell me my package had arrived?

Do cats "know" when someone is almost home? Do they think enough to tell their owners when they have a package or mail? I don't know the answers, but I wonder if there has been any research on "cat intuition".

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