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Friday, April 4, 2008

Annoying Commercial

Over the past year I've commented on my favorite commercials. Today I'm going to discuss my least favorite. It's Nationwide.

I've seen three of them and they all show a lack of concern. Yes, life does come at you suddenly, but if your friend is looking out your window admiring your car, this friend should alert you to the fact that a scaffold is tilting dangerously close to your car, or that the emergency squad has moved your car into an intersection only to be broadsided by a truck. In another, a friend doesn't mention that the neighbor across the street is throwing clothes and furniture out of a window onto your car. The only concern is how much has been saved by using Nationwide.

The worst commercial takes place in a bank on a day when parents take their children to work. Here a little boy sees the teller use the pneumatic tube to return a book or receipt to a customer. This child then sends a pencil holder full of pencils through this tube and into a car, breaking a window, then a stapler is sent through, then other office supplies. You get the picture.

It seems to me that Nationwide, or their advertising agency, is only concerned with saving the customer money and not with getting involved by either warning a friend of danger to a car, or by controlling a child playing with bank's equipment. This is a sharp contrast to the Liberty Mutual campaign which shows people getting involved because they've seen someone do a good deed.

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Anonymous said...

Can't agree more!! Those commercials irritate me beyond belief. If one of my friends stood and watched my car get destroyed while asking me about my car insurance savings, all I can say is they better be more concerned about their own personal injury insurance.