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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The other day I was speaking with my cousin and the subject of travel came up. She asked if I had any plans to travel soon. I don't, and I'm getting very restless.

I am glad though that the trip I had hoped to take next week was unavailable. I would be so worried. You see, I wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise. With all the air travel problems of the past week because of the volcano, I'd be wondering whether or not I'd actually be able to fly.

But, back to my conversation with my cousin. I mentioned that I am in great need of a road trip. I'm still trying to get to Gettysburg. My major problem with that trip is being able to find three consecutive days without meetings or other responsibilities. After working so many years and only being able to do things on a weekend, I now avoid weekend activities as much as possible. Besides, places are less crowded during the week.

Every Tuesday I volunteer at the desk in the clubhouse, every other Wednesday I have Creative Writing. That leaves a very small window for travel. Now I'm looking into day trips. Maybe I'll meet a friend who lives on Long Island for lunch. I doubt that would be a day trip though, she's about 150 miles away, one way.

I will be getting a City fix next week when I meet another friend for a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and lunch or dinner at one of the few remaining German restaurants in the city. Maybe I can try some of the German I'm learning.

After hearing my tale of woe, she said I have a very bad case of cabin fever. I never thought of it that way.


HMK said...

Take a break from writing group; get coverage for the desk. I'll volunteer. Tuesdays are OK for me.
Take the trips you want to now.
Your friends will help, even with your editor responsibilities.
Have some road fun!

DayPhoto said...

Cabin Fever is a very real thing, very real, and can make you sick. Take your trips...your mind will be refreshed and your soul excited again.


ms/sss said...

Sounds like you have some nice friends. Follow their advice!