Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Appliance Life

Ever since I moved into my house almost five years ago, my dryer hasn't worked properly. After about two years, I discovered that while the vent hose went from the dryer to the roof, no one put a hole in the roof for the vent.

After that was fixed, it worked well until about the last two or three months. It takes about two hours to dry a small load. I must add here that it doesn't get all that much use, about 3 loads a week. I decided to get the vent hose cleaned, maybe that was the problem. It wasn't.

I finally call for a repair today and was surprised to hear that the average lifespan of a dryer is 7 years. I couldn't believe it. They don't make things like they used to. My first dryer lasted about 15 years and it got a lot more use. A repairman is coming tomorrow. If it will cost more than $100, I'll forget about it and buy a new one.

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Staci said...

Similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago, only it was my washer. It quit "spinning" and I had a repairman come over. There was a burnt-out switch, which in turn had burnt out the "motherboard". Repair costs? Almost $300 in parts alone! I bought a new washer for $380.

It was a Maytag, less than 10 years old. Thing is, before I got the new set, I had a set of Maytags that were so old they were avocado green. I sold those and they're STILL working. Go figure.