Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crash here

There's something suspicious going on with my mother. All week, she's been going out for about 1/2 hour. TWICE A DAY!!! When she comes back, she smells different. I think she's seeing another cat. I can't understand why she'd do that. Aren't I good enough?

I tried talking to Burnie about this, but he couldn't care less. As long as he gets his food on time he's not worried. It looks like I have to take matters into my own hands.

I think the next time she goes out I'll block the door so she can't get past me. OR, maybe I'll just ignore her, that'll teach her. I'll show her she can't cheat on me and get away with it.

What if she really likes that other cat better than me? Who'll take care of me? I can't open the can of food, I can't turn the water on either. Maybe, if I'm real nice and purr a lot, she'll forget about that other cat.

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