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Friday, April 2, 2010

Structure and Reading

Early this week I tried to put more structure in my life by setting aside about an hour a day to read. Monday while I was reading I had two telephone calls. My phone rarely rings, but twice it interrupted my reading.

The rest of the week I was able to read for an hour. Unfortunately, Burnie saw me sitting comfortably in my chair in the sunroom. Now, he has claimed that chair as his own and I have to brush off his hair whenever I sit down.

This morning right after breakfast he jumped into the chair and took his nap. It was time to read, but he just wouldn't wake up. Since it was a beautiful day I decided to open some windows. First, the bedroom - Crash came but no Burnie, then the kitchen - still no Burnie. Finally I opened the door in the sunroom. Burnie was too comfortable to look for fresh air. Usually, I can't get a window open fast enough for him.

Eventually, he woke up, left the chair and went to watch the world go by and I was able to read and finish my book. If you would like a good read, pick up "Hell Gate" by Linda Fairstein. She's one of my favorite authors in the mystery field. All her novels are set in New York City. Her research is extensive and her crime scene is one of NY's landmark buildings or areas. I've learned a lot about the history of NY, the good and the bad. She has featured the Museum of Natural History, the Public Library, and Poe Cottage

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