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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's snowing again! And I'm not complaining. I love the snow. But, I don't think I'll subject my friends to any more "Blizzard Parties". Two are enough. As soon as I invited them to the last one, I started feeling guilty.

It took a lot of nerve to ask people to leave their nice warm house on a cold snowy night to visit me while I was all comfy in my nice warm, dry house.

This is our third storm this season, although it's probably only the second this winter since our first snowfall was on December 19, two days before the official arrival of winter. Since spring won't arrive until around March 21, I wonder how many more storms we will have.

I may lose some friends, but I'm really enjoying this winter. Call me crazy, but I really like the snow and cold temperatures. This has been my best winter in years. I'll stay home all day tomorrow and that's a good day for cooking and baking.

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Staci said...

I love winter also - just staying at home and watching it snow! We've had a nice one here in Oklahoma this year, that is if you call winter "nice".

I sure enjoy reading your posts.