Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's time for my soapbox again. This time, I'm taking on TV commercials. There are two that really make me angry.

The first is for Advil. It shows a woman checking out pain relievers and taking several boxes of a competitor's. She puts them into her basket, then sees the Advil which advertises that she needs fewer pills for longer pain releif. She takes the Advil, which would be a good thing, except that she then just puts her basket down on the floor in the middle of the aisle. This is rude, inconsiderate and dangerous. Is Advil saying that the people who take their pain medication are rude and don't care about the wellbeing of other shoppers. This is a very bad message.

The other is so annoying that I don't remember the name of the product. It starts off with a germophobe of a mother using her foot to open the door to a store. As I said, I don't remember the product, but I question the intelligence of showing such an inconsiderate person to sell the product. This woman won't touch the door handle for fear of touching germs, yet she doesn't seem to care about the people who will touch this handle after she has had her shoe all over it.

If these advertisers are using these women as examples of good consumers, then it's no wonder there are so many rude people out there.

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