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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night I sat down to watch the Olympics. I had been meaning to watch all week, but always seemed to get distracted. Last night, I decided, would be different.

I watched the skiing and everything was OK. Later when I was watching the men's racing with Apollo Ohno, I noticed something different. I was moving my legs ever so slightly as if I could help him along. I was so involved in the race, I guess my brain was trying to tell my legs to get out there and go.

That reminded me of the time I was on a ferry in my car. I think we were crossing Lake Champlain, but I'm not sure. I was driving at the time and was the first car on the ferry. As we were coming into the slip, I suddenly started turning the steering wheel on my car. It's a good thing the motor was off. I guess it was reflexive action. I had to turn the wheel so we wouldn't hit the side of the ferry slip. It gave us a good laugh.

I'm sure there's a medical or phychological name for this type of reaction. I wish I knew what it is.

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