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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double Standard

I see that the president's press secretary felt it necessary to make fun of Sarah Palin yet again. Her "crime" this time? She jotted a few notes on her hand.

Let's see. You shouldn't write a few notes on your hand, even if you have memorized your entire speech. It's OK if you read your entire speech from a teleprompter.

One other point. I believe that Sarah Palin knows that in the words, "Navy Corpsman", the "p" and "s" are silent. Something that the president obviously doesn't know. It may be possible though that he just reads from the teleprompter word for word and doesn't know or understand what he is reading. I wonder which it is.


threecollie said...

THANK YOU!!!! I thought the same exact thing and was stunned that the idiot would leave himself open like that. Do these people read the news at all?

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with your post. Did you see the teleprompter in the grade school room, he can't talk without it. It was a very unprofessional Jap at Palin!


Don't they realize how silly they are? They must think that WE'RE the idiots.

BetteJo said...

Robert Gibbs has proved over and over again that he has no class. Can you imagine Tony Snow ever being so crass? I don't think so. But then again - Gibbs does reflect the administration as a whole, they think they are better than everyone else.