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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I felt so good on Thursday after my walk around the neighborhood that I decided I would do it again on Friday. I got up with all intentions of getting out and about.

Before I could go out, I had to do some laundry. Then I saw the bag of placemats and napkins that I bought earlier in the week. Before I could put them away, I had to reorganize my linens' drawer. I found some of my Christmas linens that then had to be put with the other Christmas supplies. Then I remembered two Christmas centerpieces that had to be put away also. I had rationalized that they fit because it was winter.

Then I had to empty the dishwasher and put the laundry in the dryer. It was getting late. Soon it was time for lunch and my Soap break. Now it was getting really late and my resolve to walk was dwindling.

So, of course I decided to purge my magazines getting them ready for recycling. Then there was some more puttering around the house and time for dinner. Between all this puttering, I had to check my e-mail and of course, play a few games.

Then it was time for the opening ceremonies for the Olympics which lasted past my bedtime.

Another day without walking. Maybe today. I hope so.

I also realized this morning that I hadn't written anything yesterday So, here's yesterday's post today. Hope I remember to write again later.

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Anonymous said...

I walked daily for many years when I had a friend to walk with and who I knew was waiting on me. She became ill and the walking stopped as I didn't feel safe alone. I always said the hard part is getting out the door.