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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures with Crash and Burn

It started again. I knew when I made the purchase that I would regret it. And I did.

Two years ago I made a table centerpiece for Spring/Easter using wooden and plastic eggs and cute little fuzzy chicks. Of course, the chicks aren't real. That doesn't seem to matter to Crash and Burn.

This year I, being the glutton for punishment that I am, made another arrangement. Everything went well for the first day. Then they discovered the chicks.

It's easy to catch Burnie going after the chicks, he's very noisy. Crash, on the other hand is very quiet and graceful. She manages to get up on the table (I know, their manners are terrible) without making a sound. She then steals a chick and, here's where she makes her mistake, brings it to me. She is so proud of herself, she trots up to me, meowing or cooing all the while and drops the chick at my feet. I guess I'm supposed to praise her for her catch, but I can't. She's wrong.

This morning I started spritzing them. That seemed to help a little. Now, I'm also leaving the spray bottle on the table, near the centerpiece. It's not very attractive, but if it acts as a deterrent, I'll do it. Whenever I have company I can take it off the table since I lock them up because some people are allergic or afraid of cats. And we all know that cats always go to the person who is most afraid of them, almost as if they are daring that person to like them.

I must say that it's very hard to be stern with Crash since she's so proud of herself for "catching" the chick.

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