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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger Woods

I hear that Tiger Woods is going to make a statement tomorrow and many in the media feel slighted because they won't be able to question him. What more do they need to know. He cheated on his wife, several times. End of story.

What bothers me about this whole affair is the fact that everyone says Tiger Woods is wrong, and I agree with them. What they are missing though is the fact that he wouldn't have been able to cheat if he didn't meet all those willing women. They are, in my opinion, just as much to blame and guilty. After all, they were willing and he didn't rape them. What is wrong with those women who think nothing of having sex with a married man. It's bad enough that Tiger Woods disregarded his marriage vows, but those women obviously have no respect for anyone's marriage vows. There used to be a name for females like that.

His wife will probably receive a nice payoff if she divorces him or even if she stays. His golfing ability is such that he will be able to resume his career. Those females he cheated with will probably write books or have some boost to their careers.

The only losers in this whole affair are his children. They will grow up knowing that their father had so little respect for their mother that he cheated on her.

I feel so bad for those babies (the children that is).


HMK said...

Just read all recent blogs & enjoyed immensely.
The photo history of a snowfall is terrific!
Your blog re: going for a walk but getting caught up in "everything" is a perfect W.C. article.

threecollie said...

I hadn't thought of that but you are exactly right!

Staci said...

You are exactly right, the children in these instances will suffer the most. It's a shame that Tiger wasn't thinking of his kids when he was, um, so "busy".

ms/sss said...

If Tiger receives forgiveness from God, from his wife, and from himself, things will turn out well for all in his family. His children will learn that no matter how hard the fall, with love and humility, one can always start again.