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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cancelled Plans

I am so disappointed.

Yesterday I was supposed to drive to my friend in Queens, then go to her friend's home in Manhattan, the Village to be exact. This is an annual event, a party to watch the Village Halloween Parade. Her apartment overlooks the route of the parade so no matter the weather and crowds we always have a great view.

The reason for my disappointment? This is my third cold this year, it's lasted two weeks and I'm getting fed up with being under the weather. Fortunately, I'm not very sick, just a horrible cough. When I get a coughing fit, I could empty an entire subway car in two seconds, it sounds that bad, especially with all the paranoia about the swine flu or H1N1 virus to be politically correct. We wouldn't want to insult all those pigs.

I was so looking forward to visiting with my friend. And the party at her friend's house is a lot of fun with lots of interesting people. And, of course, the subway ride into the city and the madhouse atmosphere returning home.

I know I sound strange, but there is a certain excitement about the city that I can't forget about. Living in the suburbs is different, and living in a gated community can be a little boring. You never see any strange people or stray dogs and cats wandering around.


BetteJo said...

Canceling anything you were looking forward to is always disappointing. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Damn H1N1 - so many people associate it with pigs that pork producers, pig farmers and such - are literally going out of business!
I say - have a lovely pork roast today!

kellabeck said...

Sorry that you were not one of the people in the windows that I would look up through the raindrops to and wave at. I was one of the very wet paraders without an umbrella and soaked to the skin. Still it was fun and quite an experience. Here's a suggestion for next year: plan to BE the parade instead of watch it. Line up some adventurous friends, create your own costumes and join in. I've never seen the parade from anywhere but inside it and it's awesome (when it doesn't rain.)

Connie Peterson said...

Have you had a pneumonia shot? My doctor MADE me take one - age and chest problems, she said.

I visited New York, one time. Loved it there (for a week). Would go MAD if I were there longer. And would go MAD if I were in a gated community for long, too. I NEED my alone-ness here in the country.

Thank you for your comments. I'm sure Mickey would have been willing to share - he was one fantastic fella and I miss him on the team.