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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The cough medicine, that is. I can't believe it. There it was, at eye level, in my pantry. I opened the door last night to get a can of cat food which I have done twice a day for the past year, and staring me in the face was the cough medicine.

I knew it would turn up in a very obvious place, but I really don't know how I missed it. Could those rascally cats have been trying to trick me? Did they hide it for a few days, then bring it out last night? I've been in that closet every day, sometimes more than once and it was just at eye level! This is something out of The Twilight Zone. Could the ghost of Rod Serling be playing tricks on me?

Most of my severe coughing fits are over, but I still need it.


ga.farmwoman said...

I know what you mean! Things have a way of hiding right in front of you.

I looked for my scissors for 2 days. There they were of all places, in my sewing box where I had looked two times already.

Oh, I used to love Rod on the Twilight Zone.

Have a great day.

Pamela said...

one of my neighbors found her cell phone in the freezer...
can you beat that?