Monday, November 16, 2009

Cats & Furniture

Poor Crash and Burn!

I decided that my furniture was looking a bit ragged. The upholstery is a loose weave which didn't matter too much when I had Midnight, a declawed cat. After Midnight died, I inherited Crash and Burn. Unfortunately, they still had their claws and were about 3 and 4 so they were too old to be declawed.

I was very permissive with them in the beginning because they had been through so much, being taken from one home to my home in NY and then the long ride to my new home in NJ. As a result, they scratched the furniture. They kept scratching until I bought an outdoor mat and put it in the house. Now, they scratch the mat, Burnie sometimes uses his scratching post.

When I lived in NY, I had a white sofa bed in the guest room. Here I have a real bed in the guest room so the white sofa bed has been in the living room, along with the aqua couch. A white couch doesn't belong in a living room, especially when you have two cats, one of which is black. I decided to make everything in the same color family and was about to get slipcovers. I hadn't realized that slipcovers cost more than reupholstery so I went for the reupholstery.

They came to take everything away today. Naturally the cats had to be locked up so they wouldn't get in the way or go outside. They were so confused when I let them out. Crash looked at this little piece of paper as if thinking, "Did the couch shrink?"

Burnie was just confused. He looked all over for his favorite couch, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Burnie had to check out the mattress, then got his claws caught and had to be helped.

They're still very confused. I moved my office chair into the living room. We still have the ottoman for one of them. I also moved a kitchen chair for the other to sit on while watching TV. It will be at least 3 weeks before I have my furniture back, I hope they adjust, and don't start scratching the new pieces when they get here.

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BetteJo said...

I love a post about the cats. Sometimes you really just want to know what's running through their minds. They probably think we humans are just plain crazy!