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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today, the Men's Club of the community sponsored a walk to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

I volunteered to walk. We went around the community for about 2 miles. It was very humid this morning and that made it a bit uncomfortable. After the walk we went back to the clubhouse for coffee and bagels, a nice treat.

Since I haven't been doing much walking lately, I was hoping for a nice, slow stroll. I met one of my friends. She's a few years older than I and hasn't been well lately so I thought I'd keep her company. As we walked along at a nice pace, I noticed that we were gaining on the people in front of us, then we passed them. I then realized, much to my embarrassment, that Carol was setting a new, faster pace.

That old girl really kept me on my toes. But I felt much better for the faster walk. Next week, it's a walk to benefit the Susan J. Koman organization, followed by a brunch and raffle the next day.

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