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Monday, October 12, 2009

Museum, Part II

It was my good luck to go to the museum when they were having a special exhibition of the work of Johannes Vermeer. The focal point of this exhibit was The Milkmaid. It really is a masterpiece. The colors were so strong. I particularly liked the details like the Delft tiles on the right hand side and the stitches of her dress.

Again, I'm amazed at the age of this painting and the age of the artist. Vermeer was about 25 years old when he painted this. It was done around 1657, and has survived to this day. Amazing!

As I was walking into another room, I saw and (I'm proud to say) recognized the Burghers of Calais by Rodin. This is a relatively new work (compared to others I saw), having been done in 1888.

I saw some others, but I neglected to make note of the artists. I just liked the scenes. That's one of my faults in photography, I just shoot and don't make note of the subject.

This scene reminded me of my vacation last year. I cruised on a barge through Alsace-Lorraine.

I really liked this ice scene since winter is my favorite season.

Some of these pictures are a little off-center, I couldn't get a good angle because there were people who were studying the work.

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