Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food and Parties

Today I went to the 65th birthday party of a friend. She had invited a lot of people, did all the cooking for the main meal. Some of us brought appetizers.

I made my spicy sausage balls. Last night as I was making them, I sampled a few, then decided to make another batch. Today as I was warming them before the party, of course, I had to check to see when they were hot enough. I really didn't have that many and I brought a lot to the party. I'm proud to say that they were a big hit. There had to have been at lease 70, but there were gone within a half hour. They really are that good.

Later in the day, I did something that I have long criticized my in-laws for. Whenever I have a family party, there is a mass exodus right after the food is served, sometimes even before dessert. As a result, whenever I have a party, I always push the time for food a little bit later each time.

Well, tonight, I did just that. Dinner was delicious, the birthday cake was spectacular, but shortly after I had the cake, I decided it was time to go home. The in-laws have rubbed off on me.


ms/sss said...

As good as those spicy meatballs were, I can feel the heartburn already! BetteJo's sharing on Tony Danza's chicken soup sounded like a good idea. I pay around $10.00 at Costco for Costco's rotisserie chicken soup.

Pamela said...

gotta get home and watch Dancing With the Stars.. hmmm! ha ha