Saturday, October 10, 2009

Museum Artifacts

On my trip to the museum on Wednesday, I saw this very small room with walls of wood. When I went into the room or studiolo, I saw this. This is the best example of Trompe L'Oeil I have ever seen. That really is not a bench, the wall is perfectly flat. All the wood is inlaid to give the 3 dimensional effect. This studiolo was built in 1476.

In another section, I came across this saddle made of bone, lindenwood, rawhide and birch bark. I don't think the picture shows its true beauty. This saddle was made around 1430.

Since I have done some needlepoint in my day, I especially wanted to see some tapestries. Of course I never did work this fine or beautiful. I thought the colors were spectacular and gave some dimension to the robes. Again, there was a three dimensional effect. I forgot to make note of the time of its creation, but I'm pretty sure it's from the 14th or 15th century.

I also saw this marble doorway from a church in Italy. This doorway was carved and assembled around 1100.

I loved the paintings that are shown in this museum, but I am in awe of some of the other artifacts there. I find it amazing that these items that were created so many centuries ago have survived so that we can enjoy them.

This doorway, tapestry, saddle and studiolo were all crafted without the use of power tools or sewing machines. How long must these craftsmen worked to create such beauty and how lucky we are that they have survived for us to enjoy.


threecollie said...

Amazing, especially the not-a-bench. Thanks!

Pamela said...

a big wow to all of it. don't see that kind of craftmanship much now

(at least by hand)