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Saturday, June 13, 2009


The other day a group of us were talking about cookbooks. Someone mentioned that if you ever need a recipe, just ask Cathy, she has over a hundred cookbooks. That made me sound wierd. So I've decided that I am a collector of cookbooks. Someday I'll share some of the stories about them.

Then I started thinking about the word "collection" and how it makes something seem more respectable.

A miser is a person who hoards his money. Is he any different from a coin collector? They both hoard their money, even if for different purposes.

How about someone who has a lot of guns. Is he a well-armed nut job, or is he a gun collector.

A lot of figurines or vases or even tea cups leads to clutter. But if you put them together in a bookcase or on shelves, they become a collection.

Anyone can be a collector. All you need is about five or six items that share a common theme and you have a collection.

If it's not a collection, it's just clutter and who wants that. Collection just sounds better.

So, I'm a collector of cookbooks. Some of them are very interesting and some of them have been personally signed. I think that makes them a better collection. Now, I think I'll go and check out my collection.

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threecollie said...

We are cookbook lovers here at Northview too (book lovers in general really). My mom gave Liz a bunch of her long=beloved ones for her recent birthday and they have a happy new home.