Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last Friday, Crash gave me a good scare. She was very listless and didn't walk very far before she would have to take a rest.

I realized that I've been cutting back on her food because she is, well, fat. There's no nice way to say it. I've let her get that way. I decided to give her and Burnie (as if I had a choice about including him) some extra food which she ate, so I knew she wasn't sick. Then I noticed that she wasn't climbing onto the couch and she was hiding under the table. Every hour or so I would check on her and wake her up.

When I went out on Saturday, I isolated her in the bedroom and gave Burnie the run of the house. She has no patience with him on a good day, when she's not feeling well, I don't know what she'd do to him and I felt she should have time alone.

By Sunday she was a little better and this morning, she had made it up onto my bed. She also got onto the couch this evening.

She must have pulled or strained a muscle because she really didn't want me to pick her up at all. And she meowed slightly when I touched her side. You may ask why I didn't take her to the vet immediately. Good question. It's very difficult to put her into the carrier, which is very large. She didn't want to be touched. And, since she was eating, I felt she wasn't sick, just a little under the weather. When I brought Burnie to the vet about his limp, the vet said that cats are very resilient and bounce back from injuries.

Each day she gets a little more active. She still doesn't try to jump yet. Maybe she's too fat, or maybe she's just getting old.
I'll keep watching Crash, but for now I think the worst is over.


HMK said...

What a beautiful face!

PS Book is terrific so far.

Linda said...

Just wandered in from Southern Farm. We lived in Flemington, NJ for about 5 years. Pretty area. Crash is a very pretty girl. And I know all about Fat Cats:) and trying to stuff them in a carrier when they don't want to be picked up. Whew! what a nightmare! But like you said if she's still eating and drinking and using the litterbox she'll prbly be fine.

Daryl said...

I dont have your email so I am replying to your comment on my blog .. The High Line is FREE .. no admission .. check out their site, I included a link to it in my post .. and thanks for stopping by!

Pamela said...

so difficult to help a sick cat. We had one that had thyroid disease -- she got so she would bite and scratch as soon as she heard the pill bottle pop.

Even if I just "thought" pill bottle, she took off and hid under the bed.