Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Musings on the News

I just have a few thoughts on some recent news items.

First, I believe we've seen a miracle. The Saudi king must have grown several inches in the last few weeks. I noticed that President Obama did not have to bend down so much to shake his hand.

According to a report from Reuters, Hugo Chavez, commenting on the recent US government takeover of General Motors said that he (Chavez) and Fidel Castro should be aware that President Obama is more left than they.

My last item concerns the firefighters in New Haven, CT. Their case has been argued before the Supreme Court and we await the decision. I believe there were 16 firefighters, 15 white and 1 Hispanic, who passed a test for promotion. The city of New Haven denied promotions to these firefighters because no blacks or African Americans passed and they feared a lawsuit claiming discrimination. This was a fair test, the firefighters studied hard for it and passed. I find it ironic that the results were tossed out because the city feared a lawsuit claiming discrimination against blacks or African Americans, yet that's what they got. A lawsuit claiming "reverse" discrimination which in reality is discrimination.

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Pamela said...

I've seen such before - as my husband is a retired firefighter -

That kind of stuf was inevitable.