Monday, June 15, 2009

Every cloud...

Here in New Jersey and I think all of the northeast we have had a cool, wet Spring. It seems that every day there is, or has been, the threat of rain. Because it was so cool, my first basil plant that I put outside died. So, I went out and bought some more. I moved them outside on one of the few warm days, then it got cooler and more rain.

...has a silver lining.

The other day I looked out at the patio and was quite surprised to see that all but one of my plants were thriving. I was shocked.

In my attempt to honor Simon and Garfunkle, I, of course, planted parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. It's my little annual joke (very little). Here are some pictures to show their progress.

The sage is doing quite well.

The parsley and thyme are also doing well.

The rosemary got off to a shaky start, but as you can see, it's still alive.

Even my dill and basil are growing. My snapdragons have started to bloom.
Here's my basil that I was so worried about. It only took four plants to get them looking so good.
The other night I went out and cut some basil, parsley and thyme and chopped them up for my salad. It was very good.

My next project will be to go through my collection of cookbooks to find recipes for all of these goodies. I do have a good one for the sage and of course sauce for the basil, thyme and some oregano that I'm growing in the house.

They may not seem like much to a real gardener, but this is an achievement for me. I'm strictly a house gardener. I really don't enjoy working outside in the soil which is why all my plants are potted.

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