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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Park

While in Seattle we also visited the Washington Park Arboretum which had a Japanese Garden. This arboretum was designed by James Dawson of the Olmsted Brothers firm and was developed in the 1930's with WPA funds and labor.

One of the first things we saw in the lake was this turtle. It was sitting on that rock so still that I stared for a long time trying to decide if it as real or a statue. It was real.

This is a restful park even though at times we could hear the traffic on the Freeway. There were several statues scattered throughout. They even had a Tea House, but it wasn't open. I'm sure the Tea Ceremony is very nice.

At one point we took a break from our walk and sat on a bench opposite the lake. Then I looked down at the ground where it was wet in spots. I had to take a picture. The figure on the right looks sort of like a silhouette of a man. Just one of those oddities. Some people see shapes in the clouds, I see shapes in puddles or wet spots of concrete.
There were some fish in the lake also. Apparently people are allowed to feed them because whenever anyone got near the edge of the water, most of the fish came swimming over. We didn't have any food, so they didn't stay near us.

It was a good day and the park is very restful and calming. It almost reminded me of Forest Park in Woodhaven, after all, they're both parks.

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