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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cane Fu

This morning on FOX NEWS they had a demonstration of Cane Fu, that's right Cane Fu. The idea is to teach seniors and anyone else who needs a cane how to defend themselves, and to use the cane as a weapon.

It reminded me of the time I met one of my son's former teachers at St. Elizabeth School in Ozone Park. She told me that one rainy day, someone tried to mug her on her way home from morning Mass. She tried fighting him off with her umbrella, hitting him with it and poking him too.

Finally, she summoned up her toughness and spoke with him, scolding him and telling him he should be ashamed of himself. She added that she was returning from Mass and showed him her Rosary. I guess he had a conscience after all, because he backed off and stopped fighting her and apologized to her. By the way, she was probably about 70 at the time.

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