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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Digital Age

The Digital Age is going too fast for me.

I have a digital camera that is only four years old. The other day I went looking for some additional memory cards, just to have on hand. The largest card that my camera will accept is 512 mg. The smallest card available in the stores is 1 g. I tried several stores and none of them had any cards. One of the salesmen even suggested that my camera is obsolete and that I needed new one.

This is a good camera. I get great pictures with it. It has a fabulous zoom, I get wonderful close-ups. I won't discard it for a newer model. Then I had an idea. I went online to and found the card I was looking for. So I ordered five.

I never thought a four year old camera was obsolete, especially a very good camera. I guess the idea behind the planned obsolescence is to keep the customer buying. Thank goodness there's an that carries older merchandise so I can keep using this camera.

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