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Friday, August 24, 2007


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I took a walk this morning and noticed a huge difference between New Yorkers and Seattleites.

I'm from New York where crossing the street and dodging pigeons are olympic type events. In New York, the "Don't Walk" sign is merely a suggestion. Here it is a command. New Yorkers traditionally cross the street if there is at least 6" between them and the oncoming traffic. Here, the pedestrians dutifully wait until the light changes and we are allowed to walk. On earlier trips, I would ignore the signs and cross if nothing was coming until my son told me that the police issue tickets for jaywalking. Not wanting to get a ticket, I've changed my ways even if I do get antsy waiting for the light to change.

Now about the pigeons. I was enjoying myself watching the sand sculptors do their magic when I noticed that the pigeons were getting agitated because their space was being invaded by all those tourists. Knowing the habits of pigeons, I decided to leave the area very quickly so as to give them one less target.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
Please keep your skills as an Artful Dodger of traffic and don't allow them to get rusty and fall by the wayside. They will serve you well when you return to NYC> Once in awhile take the risk of crossing without permission. Take the gamble of the ticket. Then you've gambled and broken the law. I recall your exhileration of breaking into the pool. You see, there may be a whole new lawbreaking Mom waiting to get out. See where it goes, but ENJOY it as well.