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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Nanny State

Nanny Bloomberg is still trying to convince us that only he knows what's best for us.

Now his public health crusade is taking on the baby bottle. Usually, when a new mother leaves the hospital with her baby, she receives a gift bag containing various baby supplies including free formula samples. Now, the Health and Hospitals Corp. has decided that their 11 hospitals will no longer give out formula, instead the bag will be stuffed with disposable nursing pads and a mini-cooler for breast-milk bottles. They seem to think that breast milk is the only thing that babies should drink and that's the only way to bond. A mother can bond with her baby just by holding him and feeding a bottle.

The other case involves the 9/11 Tributes. Mayor Bloomberg has decided that it wouldn't be safe because of the construction at Ground Zero, and that the ceremonies will take place in a park next to the site. I'm sure that on that day, construction will stop. After all, you can't have all the noise of construction while the names of the victims are being read. I don't think the park is large enough to accommodate all the family members who will be there. I also think it would be good to show that we are coming back from that attack. We are rebuilding.

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ms/sss said...

I heard them speak about this free sample bag on THE VIEW a few days ago. I think the solution is to give the breast feeding Moms one choice of goody bag, and the formula feeding Moms their choice. Most importantly, all Moms should be applauded for whichever feeding method is chosen. The Mom should follow what she knows she can handle best...Let go, and concentrate on the love she is feeling for her children.