Monday, August 13, 2007


Today I heard that some companies are thinking of fining overweight employees, or worse yet, not hiring overweight candidates in the first place. Their excuse is that obese employees take more time off for weight related illnesses.

This is just wrong. I'm very overweight and when I was working I rarely took time off. In fact, during a company sponsored physical exam, the doctor had to look long and hard to find something wrong with me. Even now, as a senior citizen, I take no medication and the last cold I had was three years ago. I can't take any credit for this, I have good genes, but because of a number I would be passed over for a job.

In another case, I heard that the bakeries in Putnam County routinely give day old pastries and doughnuts to senior citizen centers. The powers that be in these centers have decided not to take these baked goods because, they decided, the pastries and doughnuts are not good for the adults. Senior citizens are adults and as such should be allowed to make the decision whether or not they want these baked goods.

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ms/sss said...

I think employees take time off for mental health reasons. They need a break. I was a little overweight when I worked, and I received the perfect attendance certificate year after year. I had good health.
Now, as far as those baked goods at the Senior Centers in Putnam County...Pass me the vanilla iced donut with the apple filling, please!