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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Monday I had an Alaskan adventure. I visited a dog sled camp and had a ride in a vehicle pulled by a team of dogs. It was a short ride, but very exciting. We were in the woods on a narrow road. The musher was in back and gave commands to the lead dog.

The dogs work very hard. We also saw some puppies. Everyone else held a puppy, but I declined because dogs aren’t like cats, they don’t jump and land on their feet and I was afraid I would just drop him.

We also had a short presentation by Hugh Neff who finished 18th in the last Iditarod. When they are racing, the dogs consume 10,000 calories a day and wear booties to protect their feet from the ice and snow.

There have other adventures, a whale watch, Hubbard Glacier, Russian Dancers. There is not enough time to do everything and still write about it.

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