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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rain vs. Pool

Today I went for my water exercise class. During the class, it started to rain, not like the rain they had in the city, this was a quick shower. When it started to rain, most of the class asked that the windows be closed. Then someone realized the absurdity of worrying about rain when in a pool. Someone asked for an umbrealla because she didn't want to get wet. We all laughed about that.

That got me thinking. Why are we afraid of a little rain and getting wet when we are already wet. I think we've all been so conditioned to use an umbrella or come in out of the rain that we don't think about our surroundings.

I must admit, I fell into that trap also. When I saw the clouds, I went back into the house for an umbrella so I wouldn't get wet in the rain when I was coming home in my wet bathing suit.

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ms/sss said...

Living in the desert, the kids and I did quite the opposite. The rare times it rained, we ran outdoors and let the raindrops splash into our opened mouths. (Like we use to do with the snow, when it snowed back East...) If it rained too hard, we stood under the overhead outside the classroom door and we listened to the raindrops do their beautiful dance.