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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Phil Rizzuto died today. Even though I lived in Queens, I was a Yankee fan. My father took me to many games and he would patiently walk around the stadium after the game in case I was lucky enough to see one of the players.

Phil Rizzuto was a great shortstop and according to the reports I heard today, a great man. Listening to the various tributes today, I suddenly felt very old. I remember the player who became an announcer, but most of the people interviewed today remember the announcer who, somewhere in the past was a player.

Most of my old Yankees are gone now - Casey, Mickey, Billy and now Phil. Time marches on.

They say celebrities' deaths come in threes. Sunday - Merv Griffin, Monday - Brooke Astor and today Phil Rizzuto. I guess they're right.

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