Thursday, August 2, 2007

Street Paving

Some people are never satisfied.

My community is fairly new, only about half of the proposed homes are completed. Since there is so much construction going on, the streets have not been permanently paved. As a result, the manhole covers are raised a couple of inches above the road. Naturally, everyone is complaining about this. It makes driving very difficult, we have to swerve to avoid them.

Now, some of the older streets are getting their permanent paving. Those streets will be closed so the work can be done. The job will take about four days and only certain streets will be closed each day. Now, I'm hearing complaints about the street closures. They want to know how long the street will be closed, how can they get in and out of the community, etc.

You would think they would be glad to be getting their street paved and no longer having the manhole covers raised, but no. I wonder how they expected the street paving without a little inconvenience.

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