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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Murder Mystery

Today I went to a murder mystery luncheon at the local Charlie Brown's Restaurant. The cast were members of Without A Cue Productions and they were terrific.

The story involved an Egyptologist, his alcholic wife, his arch rival and wife's lover and an Egyptian assistant. It started with the Egyptologist recording his problems in his diary. His biggest problem was the lack of pencils. The jokes and puns went on from there. It's hard to remember them all. They even included a play on the Hope/Crosby Pattiecake routine as a means of escape. At the end, the audience was given a chance to determine who murdered the wife and one lucky person received a prize. Of course, I wasn't that lucky person. I didn't even pick the right murderer. (Jessica Fletcher would be ashamed of me.)

The show was well done, the food was delicious. The restaurant did a wonderful job of serving during intermissions. My only complaint is that they overlooked my table when it came to serving coffee, at least I didn't miss dessert.

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