Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fisher-Price Recall

I was very disappointed when I heard the news last week that Fisher-Price was recalling many toys because of high amounts of lead in the paint.

Fisher-Price was always the epitome of quality in children's toys. If you had a toy from Fisher-Price, you knew it would never break, you might have to get rid of it because of lost parts, or your child outgrew it.

Their customer service was excellent. When my son was about 3, he received the Fisher-Price Circus Train for Christmas. Around that time we also got a puppy who was a chewer. The dog chewed all the animals and I had to write a letter to Santa Claus asking him to replace the animals. Fisher-Price promptly replaced them, at a small price.

I guess the quality of the product started when they moved the manufacturing overseas to save a few dollars. I think the move may prove more costly. As far as I'm concerned, their reputation has been damaged.

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Anonymous said...

Your musings caught my eye today, especially because I was thinking the very same thing as you. When my kids received Fisher-Price it was a guarantee that it would last and last. I'd like to send your letter to the bigwigs at Fisher-Price. You hit the nail right on the head. It looks like things are going to be this way for quite awhile. What a shame!!!!