Thursday, July 30, 2009

Senior Moment?

Today I went to lunch with some friends. The plan was to meet in the parking lot of the community and we would carpool to the restaurant. And it worked very well. No problem there.

After lunch I went home with one of the other women, that might have contributed to my problem. We were busy chatting all the way home. When we got to my house, she dropped me off.

As I was walking to the front door, key in hand, something just didn't feel right. Something was wrong, I didn't remember locking the front door when I left. I looked at my hand and saw that I was holding my car key. Then it hit me. My car was back at the parking lot. No wonder I didn't remember locking the front door, I left through the garage.

My friend was kind enough to drive me there where I got in my car and drove home.


BetteJo said...

I've never done it - but I have no doubt I will. And it makes for a great story!

HMK said...

And you only had iced tea!

Anonymous said...

yup a major senior moment :) What all was in the ice tea?

glad youre safe