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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pictures and Books

So there I was the other day happily scanning pictures. As I scanned each picture I saved it, identifying the subjects. I was listing all the girls in the picture when I got a message that that picture couldn't be saved in a document file. Then I realized I saved them to a file called "Thoughts". I didn't even know I had such a file and at that time I couldn't even find it.

So, of course, I started scanning more pictures, this time making sure they were going in my "Pictures" folder. This worked for about 25 pictures when I realized that they were being scanned in black and white and they were in color.

I took these two errors as a sign that I should not be scanning pictures that day and that I should be doing something more constructive. So, I left the computer, went into the living room and sat down to read a book. It's called Winter Study by Nevada Barr. The main character is Anna Pigeon. Evidently this is a series about this character.

The story takes place on Isle Royale National Park in the middle of Lake Superior in the winter. The cover of the book caught my attention. It shows a wolf howling and I'm fascinated by wolves so of course I had to buy the book. It's a mystery and the descriptions by Ms. Barr are so graphic, I was getting cold just sitting there reading.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery and also likes learning about winter in such an isolated area. Now I have to look for more books by Nevada Barr and about Anna Pigeon.

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threecollie said...

I read that not so long ago...and it is plumb shiverish. lol