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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Few More Complaints

You may not believe this, but I really don't enjoy my constant criticizing of this administration. Maybe I have to stop reading the news because everything I see bothers me.

One of the latest is the president's appointment of 32 czars. These people are simply appointed, have no background checks (except by the media) and need no approval by congress. It seems that they are taking the place of the cabinet heads. The latest appointment, replacing the present car czar (whose former company is being investigated), is a former union head. You can be sure the unions will demand the return of their concessions and they will get them, thus preventing the recovery of the American auto industry.

Another problem I have is health care reform. We have been given the statistic that there are some 45 million people without health insurance in the US. While that may be true, I would like to know how many are betting that they will never be sick or need hospitalization and simply opt not to get insurance. How many would rather spend their money on having fun rather than protecting themselves? How many of these 45 million are here illegally? I'm sure if we were given these numbers the total amount of truly uninsured and needy would be much less.

We cannot afford this reform at the present time. Unemployment is inching its way up to 10% (after we were told it would reach approximately 9% if the stimulus plan were not passed). If small, or for that matter any, business has to pay higher taxes to cover health care reform, you can bet they will pass those costs along to us in the form of higher prices or layoffs.

Maybe we do need health care reform, but not now. Congress should concentrate on reducing our national debt before promising any more bailouts or reforms that will cost us. We now own a major car company, several banks and insurance companies. Stop the spending, start saving. We, the citizens, have had to. Why not our leaders?


threecollie said...

I feel the same way you do. I am so looking forward to leaving for camp tomorrow. I don't even turn on the radio for a newspapers, no Internet, no misery. When our country is swirling around about to be flushed, how can you not think about it all the time and write about your feelings? And by the way I totally agree with your post and pretty much all of your others on the topic. Hang in there.

BetteJo said...

Health care is my biggest issue right now, as far as this administration is concerned. I have good insurance - I have worked for the same company for 22 years. Now because the government wants everything to be "fair" - and wants everyone to have health insurance, what they are doing will eventually take MY GOOD insurance away from me. So take good health care away from some to give crappy health care to all. UGH!!! The government has been known to pay thousands for a toilet seat, how can we trust them to keep healthcare prices down? I agree, there does need to be health care reform, but not this way!

Sorry, that's one subject I almost always have to put my 2 cents in on. Your cats are adorable by the way. :)