Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Last Word on Notre Dame

I'm so glad that my son didn't go to Notre Dame. It was not high on his list of preferred colleges, but it was on mine. And I'm glad to admit that he made the right choice. His college experience was right for him. Darn, he was right again.

Now, back to Notre Dame. I understand their inviting President Obama to speak. Since President Eisenhower's time, the president has always spoken at their commencement. It's a tradition. However, this year they should not have given an honorary degree, or any kind of honor. Obama is in favor of abortion, he's even spending our (the taxpayer's) money for abortions. He is in favor of creating life in the laboratory, then killing that life for stem cell research even though it has not been proven effective. Adult stem cells are much more effective. And, again, he's using our money.

I don't see how a Catholic university can honor any person with these beliefs. It's time for Notre Dame to change their name and become just any public, taxpayer supported university.

Again, I'm not against Obama's speaking and following the tradition, but the school should not have given an honorary degree and condoned his beliefs.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Very good point and something I wouldn't have given much thought too, but you're right-- what are they thinking?