Monday, May 4, 2009

I was right

Burnie here. I was right last night. She was preparing to leave us again. I couldn't discourage this trip by sitting in her luggage. I even tried to keep her home this morning.

I tricked her. I didn't comb her hair at 5:30 AM like I usually do. I knew that was when she wanted to get up. Unfortunately, around 6:20 I decided to play with Crash, but she didn't want to play and started growling and spitting at me. That woke mom up. Then it was rush, rush to get out.

I think she'll be away for a while. She gave us lots of food, much more than usual. Hmmmm, maybe those geographical explorations aren't too bad. We get lots of treats.

1 comment:

HMK said...

Food....the great pacifier!