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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Impotant Discovery

I made an very important discovery this week!

But before I tell you what that is, a little background. Before I retired, I wasn't much of a TV fan. My house was either quiet or I had the radio on for talk or music. When I was living upstate in NY, the radio reception was so bad that I occassionly put the TV on.

It was a gradual thing. Just a little TV at breakfast and lunch. Then I started getting hooked on different programs - Regis and Kathi Lee, Tony Danza, one soap, etc. Gradually, each show blended into another and all morning was spent on the couch. Soon it was the afternoon, then prime time.

When I moved to NJ, radio reception was better and I was back to listening. Again, I slowly started back to the TV. I didn't consider myself hooked because I still did my work around the house, the TV was just background noise. Soon the TV was on all day through prime time.

Last week I decided to get organized. I wanted to organize my Pictures folder, breaking it down into subfolders according to topics. Then I wanted to neaten up my desk, making paper folders for my various projects. There were a lot of other projects I wanted to do.

My discovery? The "off" switch on the TV actually works way before 11:00 PM. Once I discovered that I accomplished so much. The pictures got organized and I made some folders and filed some papers. And, the house is so quiet and peaceful.


HMK said...

Whoa! That is impressive!!

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