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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crash Here

Something strange has been going on here this morning. I think Mom was getting ready for another of her geographical explorations. She took her bags out and she put things in them. She also went out and bought some new dishes, for us I hope.

She took one of her bags with her this morning when she went out and so far she hasn't come home. She even gave us some extra food too. Doesn't look good. Hope she didn't run away. Maybe Burnie and I should not have woken her up with our fighting this morning.

Of course, Burnie couldn't care less. He just slept the day away. It's so quiet here. Hope she gets home soon. I promise I'll be so good, I'll eat all my food, I'll even be nice to Burnie. Better save some of my food for tomorrow.

I wonder how long she'll be away this time. I hope the food will last. I wonder who will come to feed us.

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