Thursday, April 16, 2009


The other day I heard from an old friend who suggested that we get together. She and her husband live far enough away that our visit will be an overnighter. I really don't mind and I'm looking forward to it.

I started looking at my calendar tonight trying to find some time. This month is already full, and May is looking pretty full too. The first week of May I'm going to Lake George in New York. I'll be away for three days, one riding up there, one day there and one day returning home. I had originally planned on my Gettysburg trip in May, but I realized I can't leave Crash and Burn again. As it is, Crash follows me all over the house. I'm surprised she isn't trying to walk along my desk right now. She's not like other cats, she doesn't need much sleep.

I think I'll invite my friends for a visit in May and go to Gettysburg in June. Now I know why I didn't spend much time with my friends when I was working. There just wasn't enough time. I'm so glad that they didn't give up on me and we can now catch up and renew our friendships.

I'm so happy to be retired. It's wonderful, even if sometimes I plan too much to do.

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