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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Road Trip

Today is the third anniversary of my great adventure and fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Yes, it's been three years since I started on my cross country drive. I took a month and a good friend here took care of Crash and Burn. It was something I had always wanted to do, I did it and I'm glad I did. But... I'm getting antsy for another road trip. The practical me says that I should take a short trip, but the adventurer in me says go for a long trip.

After my trip to St. Louis and Independence Missouri I decided that I would like to visit as many presidential libraries as possible. Lincoln's library is in Springfield, IL. I could easily drive there in a day, take two or three days in Illinois and then another day home. It sounds tempting.

We live in such a beautiful country that it's hard to pick one destination. That's why I visited so many interesting sites on that trip.

My first stop of interest was St. Louis. I really wanted to see the Arch. It's quite impressive.

After St. Louis, I drove to Independence to see the Truman Library. I really don't remember much about him, but I wanted to learn more.

My next big stop was Colorado. I love, love the mountains. They are majestic.

After Colorado, I eventually stopped in Las Vegas where I didn't take any pictures, but spent a few wonderful days with an old friend from grammar school. We had a great visit. Even though it was many, many years since we had seen each other, it felt like just days.

After Vegas, it was on to Seattle - the real reason for the trip. I wanted to spend some time with my son on his birthday. I even got up the nerve to go up in the Space Needle for brunch. The view was spectacular. It would have been even better if the sun had been shining.

After Seattle, I drove (with a stop or two) to Yellowstone. There I fulfilled another dream. Ever since about 5th or 6th grade when we learned about Old Faithful, I've wanted to see it. I did manage to catch an eruption. It's quite a sight and not at all what I expected. It's much better.

I think this was the only trip I've taken where I actually saw some wildlife. There were so many bison and they were unfazed by the cars that they just walked along next to the road. My big disappointment on this trip was that I didn't see any bears or wolves.

I also made a stop at Little Big Horn and then Mt. Rushmore. That's another spectacular sight.

Where should I go next? I would like to see Texas or New Mexico or Arizona or Georgia. Maybe even a return trip to Maine or Alaska. I think until the weather settles down and is consistently warmer I'll stick close to home, maybe Pennsylvania or Virginia or Maryland.

Road trip anyone?


HMK said...

My daughter in law hails from Springfield IL Her whole clan settled there.
They are great warm ordinary people.
Someday I want to visit there though Amy said she'd NEVER go back there to live.
Lincoln's library and birthplace are there and Don esp is a great lincoln authority.
Every year there's a new book on lincoln.
As the years go on, the man emerges beyond the myth- with our brutally chiseling authors searching for truth.

Sometimes I feel we should let the legend live.

Anyway, God bless your spirit of adventure and curiosity.
where ever you choose, you'll be delighted.

BTW, this essay is so interesting. Consider it for Spirit (unless you already did that) or at the least a Writing Group item.

Pamela said...

I really really really want to go to see the president's faces @ Mt Rushmore.