Sunday, April 12, 2009


The other day I got a call from my niece inviting me for Easter dinner. She said it would be a small group, only about 18 people.

I accepted her invitation and have just gotten home from a fun day. She's a wonderful hostess, the food was delicious and of course, the desserts were great. I had such a wonderful time, seeing my nieces and their husbands and their children. The only thing about the day that bothered me was seeing all those used to be babies graduating college, high school and even having babies and grandchildren of their own. How could they have gotten so old while I still feel like I'm 35.

These people were all my in-laws. How many people can say they really enjoy the company of their in-laws? I've been very lucky to have such wonderful in-laws. They are such a happy group of people and so interesting too.

Oh, and my niece, the hostess, is having surgery on her vocal chords tomorrow. I don't know how she does it, I would be a nervous wreck.


ms/sss said...

I'm glad that you had such a fine Easter Day with your in-laws! Your niece seems to have learned the importance of making time for the things in life that really matter: people. I hope that her surgery goes well today.
(Loved Cromley's Blog on Vegas, Thursday, April 9th!)

HMK said...

You really are lucky to have such in laws who feel so close and include you as family (since you are!)
I'm happy you had a great easter.
I too am shocked to see time march by in the lives of our once children- while we feel their age!